SUGs D56 and E57

Posted on July 25, 2006 Under Design

SugsNew SUGs, the Tactical Unit team member working for you are finally here, courtesy of UNKL. The D56, in black and grey, and E57, in red sporting the single white glove, are part of Series 2 and have only one goal, "to assist the people of the world who are in desperate need of help." His privately funded aid expeditions take him into the most dangerous areas of the world usually bringing him into war-torn regions, toxic atmospheres or other inhospitable conditions. The original SUG stands 7'7" and weighs in at an astounding 655 lbs, but his likeness is perfectly rendered in these 12" versions, the ninth iteration of the SUG protective suit. With quite a story, (read the extended version here) and a lofty goal on his back, SUG is part of the team at UNKL including HAZMAPO and JunPo charged with protecting the world. Get "˜em at UNKL now, for your own protection!