The Stylophone

Posted on October 27, 2008 Under Music

You’ve always longed to make beautiful music, the only problem is sometimes the magic comes to you at the most inopportune times. If you’re the type who always has a synth-heavy tune in your head but needs to have a musical outlet at your fingertips, you might want to invest in a Stylophone from ThinkGeek. First invented in the late 60’s and utilized by music legends like Kraftwerk, Bowie, and Erasure, this PDA sized powerhouse has received an updated treatment. It allows users to flashback to the past with three retro organ sounds, an MP3 player to allow you to add some sweet sounds, and even bend the pitch with the press of a pen or a turn of a knob. Now you can compose your own mini-masterpiece. But if you start sounding like you’re retreading a Styx album we might just pry that thing from your cold dead prog-rock loving hands.