Stubb's Skytop SXSW Edition

Posted on March 19, 2009 Under Fashion

It’s amazing to watch the exponential growth of SXSW festival, both in the sheer number of attendees but also in the new and emerging facets of popular culture it’s touching. We’ve already seen iPhone 3.0 OS predictions and the Dell Adamo surfacing. In the ultimate trifecta of things you thought you’d never see together, sneaker manufacturer Supra has teamed up with Spin and Austin’s very own Stubb’s BBQ to produce the Stubb’s Skytop SXSW Edition. With some of the most original packaging I’ve seen, the hi-tops come in only one colorway (BBQ, what else) and is paired with a bottle of the famous sauce and a black tee with the crisp white logo. All of which are placed in a custom wooden box and hand numbered. Those of you lucky enough to be at the festival can swing by Stubb’s this Friday, March 20, between 10 and 11 a.m. and try to score a pair.