STIX glasses

Posted on May 6, 2008 Under Gadgetry

If you've ever found yourself in the rare, but nonetheless frustrating predicament of needing to eat sushi while you have only your glasses on you, Brad Gressel's got an inventive solution. The American industrial designer's STIX eyeglasses give you a whole new reason to keep your eye on what you're eating. Combining the practical (needing to see, needing to eat) with the fashionable, you'll find a pair of handy stainless steel tipped chopsticks inside the hollow plastic arms of these glasses. Covering all the bases, they're also fully washable, and the ends of the glasses are left open so there's no nasty bacteria build-up. Plus, there’s a third function. if you're not eating or trying to see, you can always use them to put up your hair.