Splaff Flopps: Rubber and Hemp Flips

Posted on May 1, 2007 Under Fashion

San Diego born Splaff Flopps is picking up right where companies like Alchemy Goods have left off, but this time the rubber is hitting the road in flip flop form. In fact, the idea for these flips came from a meeting in a garage with a tire, a bike tube, and a shoe knife (no word on whether mind altering drugs were also part of the equation). In all seriousness though, these flops employ the sort of eco-ingenuity I like to see in new footwear products. You may also enjoy reading the Phoresia review, here. All three models are crafted with recycled race car tires, bike inner tubes, hemp, and regupol (which is a cushioning material derived from used tires that have been chipped and pressed into mats). Each pair is made by hand (presumably in San Diego) as part of a 0% waste production process (i.e. all waste products are either recycled or reused). At around $40, their also affordable as compared to other handcrafted domestic sandal brands like Splaff’s up-the-coast-counterparts Rainbow. And the best part: you’ll never pop a flop wearing these– because they’re made with already deflated tires, there’s nothing to pop! Ok, that’s a horrible joke.

Via The Goat