Spear Exclusive: Global Talent Database

Posted on July 5, 2007 Under Art

Ooh, this sounds good: “An online talent search engine designed to connect the creative class with enthusiasts around the world.” If “enthusiasts” means clients (also known as jobs) like I think it does, the new Global Talent Database sounds like a great new way to help independent artists and performers connect with the people who need them. By allowing creative types to create a free listing (that can include their portfolio), the site makes it easy for potential customers to find them and hire them. To make sure each artist is given equal chance for exposure, popularity and ranking on the site is determined via community feedback and a variety of networking/socialization features built into the site (instead of the “number of friends” systems used elsewhere). The artists that use the site can also take advantage of the genre-relevant, pre-filtered newsfeeds that will help them stay on top of the news and trends that affect their industries — a thoughtful addition to a networking site. The site was officially launched only yesterday, but it looks like they’ve reached fast popularity within several of their twenty artistic categories. Only time will tell with GTB, but it is free, so if this looks like something *hypothetically* useful, I say…go for it.