Posted on February 8, 2008 Under Life

This made me happy. Maybe not for the reasons it intended to, but the end result was still joy. Bright laughing yellow-colored joy.

The iconic smiley face has expanded into the world of aromatherapy and fragrance with Smiley. Claiming to be the “very first anti-stress perfume,” Smiley offers a full range of olfactory uppers. Naturally derived from cocoa, the unisex fragrance is filled with an “olfactive substance with euphoriant bio-mechanics.” Containing Phenylethylamine (a hormonal joy booster) and Theobromine (an adrenaline blocker and stress reliever) to help get you pepped up and then keep you that way.

Smiley's website is a playground. Not only are they selling something called a “psycho-tonic,” but the English section of the site is a lost in translation dream (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it). It sounds like everyone working at Smiley mush be high. Even if a sniff of smiley does nothing for you, reading the line “these two cardio-tonics associated together dope the vitality and sets up the moral” should amuse pretty much anyone. I've totally been looking for a new way to dope my vitality. And of course, once your vitality is doped your moral is set up too.

Smiley's online store, called the "Happy Therapy Centre," sells the whole range of smiley products "“ including "epidermal stimulating massage oil with micro-nutrients to activate happiness." The site also ships worldwide and has a store locator in case you want to go pick up some happy in person.