Smånsk: Skew Bookcase

Posted on March 24, 2008 Under Design

As a child, building Lego cities seemed like a creative way to while away the years of toddler-dom, provided one wasn't swallowing the pieces whole and being sent to the emergency room. However, nothing we ever made really proved to be useful and in the end our mothers discarded all of our creative tools along with the G.I. Joe's and Millenium Falcon once adolescence hit. While we certainly outgrew our Legos, not all kids grow tired of their toys. Take the design team at SmÃ¥nsk, for example. The Sweden based designers were inspired by the building blocks of childhood. A big hit at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, their prototype for Skew Bookcase features magnified identical Lego pieces that stack up and interlock one top of one another to create a colorful and original concept for the place you keep your favorite novels and you old lego instruction manuals. While they've yet to find a manufacturer for their playful block-by-block bookshelf, we wouldn't be surprised if IKEA came a callin'. Here’s hoping someone does.