Shift E-Cards

Posted on March 19, 2008 Under Design

These past few years, when it gets to be around the holidays (no matter how inconsequential) and my birthday, I admit I feel kind of nostalgic for all the cheesy/lame/insert-your-synonym-here Blue Mountain or Shockwave e-cards that used to fill up my inbox. Hell, I was just as guilty at times as the sender. Nowadays there are only people interested in selling me pills to better my sex life, no thank you, and the occasional virtual gift I receive from a friend on Facebook just isn’t the same. But Shift believes in the power of a greeting. They’ve got a sweet archive of e-cards that you can personalize for any occasion. A handful of artists contributed their graphic design and drawing work for these virtual cards, which are non-specific enough that they can be used to wish happy birthday or thank someone for how rad they are. You could use them also to declare how much you hate someone’s guts, but that’s not the spirit. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to send an e-card. Be responsible for someone’s smile today.