Shepard Fairey: Hope and Progress

Posted on January 29, 2008 Under Art

Over the last twenty years, either a Bush or Clinton has held sway over the oval office, ruling with an iron fist. While Billary (why has this name not caught on yet, it's better than Bennifer or Brangelina?) vie to extend that streak to an astounding twenty-four years, there are plenty of people who would like that to see that reign end. One of those people is acclaimed poster artist and illustrator, Shepard Fairey. Fairey's preferred agent of change is none other than Illinois Senator Barack Obama. It's his and many others belief that Obama represents a renewed hope and progress for a faltering nation. Inspired by his candidate of choice, Fairey has created two breathtaking new posters trumpeting both the "HOPE” and "PROGRESS” that come along with the candidate running on a platform of change. Fairey is selling screen prints of these two creations to raise money for a large statewide poster campaign. The prints are available starting tomorrow, so if you support Obama or just superb artwork, why not pick up a poster for yourself? After all, Super Tuesday is just around the corner.