Sean Tubridy

Posted on March 20, 2009 Under Art

It would be a sin of omission to call Sean Tubridy a photographer when he's in fact a publisher/activist/graphic designer/salesman. And by salesman, we mean the "stuff" he sells, that includes screenprinted shirts with illustrations of Leica M3s and transistor radios, not to mention the self-published book Toys on Roids featuring shots of classic and modern toys taken with a Polaroid SX-70. He was also co-founder of the Save Polaroid movement last year. But the body of work that we're most excited about is an extensive Flickr collection under the moniker Tubes. Keyboard keys, He-Man figurines, and Matchbox cars have never looked so beautiful.

Tubridy, who first got his hands on a Polaroid camera eight years ago, said he's enamored with "the immediacy, the tactile nature, the one of a kind aspect of them "¦ I like the idea of using a camera and film that was made for more casual purposes and using it for studio shots of these little toy sets I create. I could shoot with a digital camera and edit in Photoshop, but I love the challenge of getting the correct in camera and leaving the computer out of it."