Sea Of People: NYC

Posted on March 20, 2007 Under Life

On April 14th, join the masses and head to Battery Park in NYC to participate in the Sea of People, an event which is part of the Step It Up 2007 Campaign, and which has both an environmental activism component and a “interactive artistic installation” component to it. Organizers are shooting to attract at least 5000 participants and 200 volunteers (all wearing blue) to join in Battery Park and then stretch north in two columns along the projected eastern and western 10-foot waterlines that may one day redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise scenario. This is a great initiative by New York based groups and others who realize that the city has a lot at stake in the global warming battle. I hope all of you in NYC– and even those living elsewhere who want to make the trip for the event– make a powerful and long-lasting message on April 14th.
Via Treehugger