Scot Lefavor Art Show: Boulder

Posted on May 10, 2007 Under Art

Tomorrow evening, from eight to twelve, Scot Lefavor will be showing his new work at JoyEngine in Boulder. I just popped by their studio to say hello, and everyone seems to be really excited about this show– the guys gave me a sneak peek of some of what Scot will be showing, and there’s no wonder why everyone’s amped. If you’re in town, head over to take a look– their art events are always lively and fun, but this one will be especially so because Scot is a Boulder local and a JoyEngine staple. DJ Nostyle and DJ Symmetry will be on the ones and twos, and refreshments will be provided. I think all the locals should know where JoyEngine is by now, but if not, it’s at 2037 13th St.