Savath & Savalas

Posted on June 4, 2009 Under Music

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Before the melding of organic hip hop with glitchy processing in Prefuse 73, Guillermo Scott Herren messed with ambient jazz and the chillest nooks of latin music. Many forget that Savath and Savalas brought Herren to Warp Records, leaving many of his records under this alias overlooked. Well, if you haven’t heard it before, now is the time to warm up to it, as we find ourselves smack in the middle of two releases. Stones Throw put out La Llama two weeks ago, living up to the expectations with an array of soundscapes and vocalists. Out in exactly two weeks is Golden Pollen, coming out on Anti, will showcase Herren’s own voice and instrument talents.

Still not convinced? Listen to a track on YouTube.