Rumplo Roundup: Search and Destroy

Posted on April 17, 2008 Under Fashion

Each week we’ll comb through Rumplo’s pages and pages of of kitchy, artistic, and often hilarious tees, to bring you our picks. We’ve had a kind of a Tyler Durden week, which is to say we “wanted to destroy something beautiful.” Here are a couple that meet our killer criteria:

Scrap Metal: This is what would have happened to R2 had he gone with Luke to rescue Leia. That Death Star trash compactor isn’t very forgiving.

Chainsaw Killer Bunny: Did you know that if given the chance, carrots would kill you and everyone you loved? I don’t call this rabbit a murderer, we call him a hero.

Surf’s Up Dudes: What would happen if Dr. Strangelove met Johnny Utah from Point Break? This shirt.

Noah Butkus: Our old friend Noah Butkus puts his hooded killer on full display. This masked man clearly loves his work.