Rotofugi at Wondercon

Posted on March 2, 2009 Under Design

Wondercon hit San Francisco this weekend, and while the event always attracts an array of comic fans and cosplayers, toy fans looking for more than the latest Watchmen figures had to hunt high and low. One of the biggest treats for designer toy fans at Wondercon was Rotofugi. The shop and gallery from Chicago made the pilgrimage to SF to show off its latest figures. Since 2007, Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink have been dreaming up original creations like Travis Lampe’s Tear Drips, 64 Colors’s Marshall and Chris Ryniak’s Lake Monsters. Flash forward to 2009 and the figures are almost ready for retail. Rotofugi’s Wondercon stand had near-complete sets of the Tear Drips and Marshalls, plus exclusive convention editions. The figures are expected to go on sale this spring. For a recap of all of Wondercon’s art toys, check out ToyCyte’s coverage here.