Ripple Design x PAD Outdoor

Posted on May 1, 2008 Under Design

ICFF time is almost here again, which means that our inbox is about to get flooded with contemporary furniture designers hawking their wares. One of the booths we will stop by though, is the Designboom Mart, which will feature new stuff from Ripple Design for the PAD Outdoor company. A couple of the inspired ideas we wish we came up with are an aluminum serving tray that has a perforated pattern which acts like a colander, and the Nuclear Planter, a playful pun shaped like the cooling towers from the infamous Three Mile Island disaster. If those aren’t your speed, not to worry. There’s only a 100,000 other products on the convention center floor. So make with the stoop sale, and clear some space in the living room, because we guarantee you’re going to come back to your apartment with decorative wheelbarrows full of home accessories.