Revista Colectiva

Posted on July 24, 2006 Under Design

The much anticipated new issue of Revista Colectiva has just dropped. What is Revista Colectiva you ask? It’s an art/design/culture magazine run by a collective of artists from Costa Rica that features truly world-class talent in each issue. This most recent issue (number 7) features the central theme of insects, which were chosen for their perfect designs and camouflages that serve as an inspiration to all kind of designers and artists. Some of the featured artists in the new issue include Scott Scheidly, Jeremyville, Bite and Sting, and a healthy dose of local talent as well. Even though art/design can be considered universal in some ways, keep your game tight by checking out what Revista Colectiva is about, and see how things are being done in Latin America. Click this link here and scroll down to see a video clip of Issue 7’s contents.