Reflect: by Joshua Davis x Sideways Mobile

Posted on July 21, 2009 Under Art

reflect.jpgreflect2.jpgMost people with any sort of artistic impulse don’t reserve their urge to create for when they’re seated in front of a canvas or holding their pen and sketchbook. The drive to innovate can strike at any moment and can be realized by the use of any number of resources. Last but certainly not least on that list of instruments susceptible for giving birth to the mother of invention is the iPhone. Reflect, A new app from our good friend/web design guru Joshua Davis and Sideways Mobile, encourages users to explore their spontaneous leanings by entering the universe of algorithmic art from the safety of their own cellular device. By giving users the power to “produce random, generative pieces, and then view them in a Kaleidoscopic filter” the iPhone turns into it’s own portable art gallery where the walls are covered with the whimsical wonders of your warped imagination…which is sort of a change from your usual, more practical iphone apps; though a whole lot more fun.