Reee Chair

Posted on May 18, 2007 Under Design

As the only child of environmentally-conscious parents who own color-coded recycle bins for every imaginable item, I have an innate attraction to anything made from renewable materials. So, when I saw a picture of the Reee Chair, which is composed of recycled Playstation 2 castings, I naturally began mentally placing one in my apartment. The Reee is the product of British designers/manufacturers PLI and design consultants Sprout Design, and while it won’t be available to ship for a few months, you can pre-order yours now for just under a hundred pounds from PLI’s site. And, unlike other chairs made from recyclable materials, the Reee is ergonomically designed for lower and upper body support. Now (read: September) you can play your Playstation 3, eat dinner or study in geektastic comfort and style.

–Stephanie Young