Rapcat: Checkers Goes Viral

Posted on April 17, 2007 Under Music

At first glance I thought this fake music video for Rap Cat on YouTube was just a spoof– poking fun at the almost hilarious “rap game” that fills local airwaves with nonsense rhymes, big-booty girls and those oh-so-nice ‘flashy’ cars. Upon further inspection of the Rap Cat website I realized it was actually all a plug for Checkers Drive In— a fast food burger joint that apparently isn’t in my neck of the woods. While I laughed pretty hard at the video (it’s pretty funny), I can’t help but think– is this really necessary? Does every company need to jump on the viral band wagon? And– is thinking about a ‘rapping cat’ going to make me feel better about the hamburger eating experience? Check out the original Rap Cat commercial from last year here and tell me; What do you think– good Viral or is this just more garbage?