Rainer Mutsch's Rocking Chair

Posted on April 21, 2009 Under Design

02_rocking_chair_ mutsch.jpg

When we think of a rocking chair, a memory springs to mind of grandma knitting while emitting creaky sounds with continuous reclining effort. Rainer Mutsch has erased those images with his fresh take on the familiar furnishing. Rather than focus on the literal action one experiences while seated, the Austrian designer goes with a bolder (or boulder) approach by fashioning a seat in the shape of a rock formation. However, there’s more appeal to this piece than the ability to sit on a pseudo stone. The chair is designed using a polgyonal structure that puts the accent on the most vital ergonomic sections, which helps minimize the material and weight of the structure and makes your sitting experience all the more comfortable. Rock on!

Via MoCo LoCo