Posted on July 5, 2007 Under Life

I say this with no shame: I want my MTV. In the ’80s, people used to mean it when they uttered those four words, but when the ’90s came roaring in with demands to rake in more viewers, MTV changed their format to include more generic, mass-appeal programming. But redemption has come in their QOOB TV; an experimental channel, QOOB’s main medium is through Italian cable TV but it’s been streaming live through its Italian Web site "” and now with an American incarnation "” for ages, allowing those in the know to watch new music videos, uninterrupted, one after another for 24 hours a day from wherever they have an Internet connection (sorry, Josh, you’ll need a fast one). The vids from indie and alternative artists like Bloc Party and UNKLE are mixed in with really stellar short films and digital animations submitted from viewers through the site, a place for social networking that works as a breeding ground for digital-shorts filmmakers. QOOB puts up the ones they like most in between music videos, essentially launching unknowns to their broad audience of viewers, and they’ll even go so far as to give you money for your submissions. In other words, it’s a totally revolutionary take on programming, giving MTV back the reputation for progressive TV that got us all joining their church in the first place. I’m eternally grateful for QOOB, because I’m still with it and can maintain my side of the discussion over the crappy Mark Ronson “Stop Me” cover (I beg to differ, darlin’. That song is the JAM. –ed.) with friends over IM from here in Sao Paulo.