Poplife Magazine

Posted on January 19, 2006 Under Design

Poplife, which goes by the motto “the home/design magazine for the rest of us” certainly delivers as such. Take a peek inside and you will find insightful reviews on products and places such as the Fireorb and True Sake shop, as well as spot-on feature articles that highlight current interior design and architecture trends, and much more. I really just can’t say enough about the quality of the content in Poplife. These days a lot of mags seem to lose sight of their intended audience and they all end up looking and sounding the same as a result, especially in the design/architecture realm. On the other hand, Poplife actually takes the time to really think about what their readers will be interested in. For example, my favorite article in Poplife’s current issue (#4) is about their ongoing case-study in which they purchased an aesthetically dated yet very modern 1954 home designed by architect Cliff May. Poplife’s plan is to renovate it on a first-time homeowners’s budget and detail for its readers the process and results in future issues along the way. Subscriptions are only $14/year for 4 solid issues. Check it out, I promise that you won’t be sorry!