Posted on February 21, 2008 Under Design

If you're one of the thousands of folk who has forsaken the plain "˜ol cellular phone for the multifaceted, talented piece of equipment known as the iPhone, there's a minute chance that you haven't changed the wallpaper to something to your liking. Even if you have, it's probably a picture of your dog or your baby's mama. While we don't claim those to be aesthetically unpleasant, we think you can do better and so do the people behind Poolga. The site pools together impressive images created by designers, artists and illustrators from all across this great planet of ours, that would make your iPhone look helluva a lot better if they were on the display screen. Think about it. Anyone can have man's best friend as their wallpaper; it's up to you to differentiate yourself from the bland electronics-owning crowd with some sick designs.