Ponoko ID

Posted on September 11, 2008 Under Design

There’s this little on-demand design outfit called Ponoko, who’ve been generating some serious buzz in the last year (from the Wired to our mates over at Core77). As a designer you can upload an EPS file to their website, and they’ll facilitate the manufacturing process it — jewelry, accessories, lamps, whatever. After that, you set up an Etsy-esque shop to sell your wares if your heart so desires.

This week has seen the launch of Ponoko ID which takes this process one step further, allowing customers to submit their request to the Ponoko pros, and choose the designer they want to work with the most. Out the window are the hassles of sourcing a designer, manufacturer and materials, making it easier than ever before for people who have great ideas but lack in the dexterity department (ie: ME) to hook up with people who like to do nice things like collaborate on super-fun projects. In Ponoko’s words, it’s “the world's first shopping request and match-making service for manufactured goods.” Which, in my opinion, might be a lot more fruitful than some of the match-making services I’ve used in the past…