Polygon Playground

Posted on September 16, 2008 Under Life

Have your previous lounge experiences been too … well … relaxed? If you’re looking for stimulus from something other than the comfortable furniture and throbbing beats, perhaps you’d be interested in the Polygon Playground. Ths large scale installation that bowed at this year’s SMUKfest music festival in Denmark provides partygoers with more than just a place to lean back and take in the scene. Up to 40 people at a time can explore the dimensions of the interactive island of gradient ramps that leads up to a plateau that sort of resembles Q*Bert. There’s more to this exhibition than just ramps and surfaces. The work is also supported by 360-degree projection mapping and censors that react to the actions of the people inhabiting the space. This unique experience isn’t exclusive to the one piece of furniture concocted for the display, as the hardware and software created can apply to almost any three-dimensional object. Who knows, maybe they’ll use it to replace the disco ball.