Pinsharp 3D

Posted on January 6, 2005 Under Design

Rats where did I put my 3D glasses! Pinsharp3D will convert flat 2D images into stunning 3D graphics for promotional use. 3D glasses required for many of their services (they'll supply em), or a really great 3D effect in RGB for on screen use. Pretty friggin cool, but rats where did I put my shades? I used to have some when Spy Kids was in theatres the image here is "best viewed with 3D red and blue spec glasses”. I wonder if Tylenol used Pinsharp for their last marketing campaign– anyone remember their magazine ad that came with 3D glasses? They also offer Red Reveal for a "hidden message�?. Great marketing idea. I wonder what technology and programs they use to get these looking 3D, lots of layers. A 4×5 image is only $750.

updateI found some 3D glasses, and holy smokes this is cool, really great work!