Peter Gregson x Fujitsu-Ten: Spemcast

Posted on March 31, 2008 Under Music

While older Rock & Roll souls R.E.M. and Portishead prepare to drop new tunes on a clamoring public, we’ve kind of got a hankering for some seriously classic tunes from a newer talent. No we’re not talking about Beirut covering Jimi Hendrix; we’re referring to 21 year-old Cellist Peter Gregson. On April 25th at 7:30pm Scotland time, the Edinburgh string-smith will be performing “Spem in Alium”, a 40 part vocal motet, as well as 5 newly commissioned pieces at a show in Greyfriars Kirk being broadcast live over the Internet. We know internet concerts are nothing new but this performance is sure to be something special as it will be sponsored by Fujitsu Ten’s Eclipse speakers and will be performed in eight speaker surround sound over Spemcast, the special site set up by Gregson. If you set up your speakers just right, you’re sure to get the 15th Century concert experience. We just hope that doesn’t come with another 15th Century experience known as the black plague.