Pet Fashion Week NY: Tokyo

Posted on January 9, 2008 Under Design

Do you dress your pet better than you dress yourself? Well, if you missed Pet Fashion Week (yes, such a thing exists) in New York and you don't want your pet's style to resemble yours (in that it's like so last year) maybe you should plan on hopping a plane to Tokyo this weekend for the NY Dog Party and Pet Fashion Week NY in Tokyo. If you're not prepared to make such a rash decision in the name of garments for Grover or if you simply don't have the means to jump a jet to Japan at a moments notice, then you can get all the info you need on this weekend's runway action by checking out the Tokyo Pet Fashion Preview at The site takes a look at the most sought-after sweaters, shirts, collars, and carrying cases for your favorite furry friend for Winter '07-'08 season. So head on over and check it out, isn't your best friend worth it?