Pee and Poo: The Unflushables

Posted on December 14, 2006 Under Design

I know some of you wouldn’t as much as entertain the idea of buying someone the gift of Pee and Poo; I however, wouldn’t think twice– especially after the amazing feedback I got from people the other night when I brought Pee and Poo as a gift to a charity toy drive as part of the Fox Theater’s Christmas party. I kept a vigilant eye on Pee and Poo in the toy bin, and it was amusing — to say the least — to see peoples’ reactions when they went to drop the standard board game or Barbie off at the bin. Pee and Poo were so popular in fact, that they remained on the very top of the pile throughout the night, displayed prominently, with a circle of ‘fans’ huddling around them. True, drunk adults have an affinity for dirty humor, but I would even buy these guys for a child. I did, after all, grow up reading books like ‘Everyone Poops,‘ by Taro Gomi. Didn’t you all? Either way, I take my hat off to Swedish designer Emma Megitt for having such a healthy sense of humor.