Paul Loebach: New Releases

Posted on June 29, 2007 Under Design

Paul Loebach, the world renowned, Brooklyn-based furniture designer, recently released his latest series of product and furniture designs. Called the Yee-Ha collection, Paul’s newest work beautifully blends exaggerated decorative references and images of American cultural fantasy with traditional materials resulting in a stirring reflection of the iconography that surrounds us. In accordance with his traditional design perspective, the pieces in Yee-Ha reflect the material consequences of our manufactured environment, this time via the use of references to cowboys, football, violence, and distinctly American extravagances. The furniture and product designs in the Yee-Ha collection weave through classic and modern mythology to result in a series that is both rich in both and meaning and interpretation, an example of which can be found in this Chippenchair, a contemporary take on a classic form that uses both the positive and negative space of the back splat to tell a modern tale. We’re so smitten with the whole collection that we’ve included several more photos after the jump for your viewing pleasure; be sure to look at the wallpaper up close, there’s a few surprises hidden in there!