Pangea Organics: Growing Fast

Posted on January 9, 2007 Under Life

Pangea Organics products are among my favorites in the fast growing and hotly contested sustainable bodycare industry– it just so happens that Pangea Organics is the fastest growing organic skin care line in the world right now. If you’ve tried them, this shouldn’t be a mystery. The mere scent that reaches my nose when I walk by these products in Whole Foods makes me want to set up a kiddy pool right in the middle of the natural living section and take a bath. We told you about Pangea last September, but I wanted to let you know about their new packaging– it’s made with a zero waste process with 100% post-consumer paper and — check this — organic seeds. Just slip the label off of the box, soak it in water for about a minute, and plant it in soil to sprout herbs like sweet basil and amaranth! It’s a great idea from a great brand. Check here to find a store (or cyber store) that carries Pangea Organics.