Panasonic’s Next Generation Talent

Posted on December 9, 2008 Under Design

Panasonic is out looking for new talent, and they’ve turned to art colleges to borrow the eyes of the next generation of designers. Students were given an image toolkit and a brief of the product — the rest was up to them. Film, print … media of every kind was submitted. Now a small group of judges (full disclosure: I was one) have picked six ads that are ready to be voted on by the public. Starting now you can go here and see all six ads and vote on your favorite. The winner gets some pretty sick prizes. A full on Panasonic entertainment package (TV, surround sound, camera, video, blue-ray — everything), a week to work with Panasonic’s advertising team and some nice cash rewards for their art school. The students were picked from British art schools, but voting takes place worl wide and ends tomorrow night.