Pain Language

Posted on September 4, 2008 Under Music

The beat genius behind classic acts like Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, and GZA’s ‘Grandmasters’ record, the one and only DJ Muggs, is on a brand new attack with Planet Asia, whose burgeoning career began with the amazing Cali Agents.

As one of the godfathers of the golden age beat, Muggs’ catalog displays unusual diversity and openmindedness, unlike his often pigeonholed counterparts. While the Primo formula was hot, it never changed, and while RZA evolved, his venturings outside the realm of hip hop were limited. Muggs has delved into trip hop soundscapes and is now back in the grimy boom bap like never before.

Pain Language bangs hard. The LP, due out September 16th, features appearances by B-Real, Killah Priest, Scratch (formerly of The Roots) and Prodigal Sunn, among others. As is the practice today, there is a mixtape floating around out there to hype this release. While it can’t measure up to the power of the actual record, it might just give you a good taste of what’s coming.