Posted on November 13, 2008 Under Life

The advent of the Internet has more or less made television the antiquated way of keeping up with the informational Joneses. Monitoring the World Wide Web for what’s going on is as easy as HTTP. Unfortunately, the sites you check aren’t always on the ball or up to date. The folks behind OneRiot have their own way of keeping you up to speed on what everybody’s talking about. The social search site from the minds behind me.dium relies on feedback from users, rather than computers, to decide what’s relevant to readers. Content popularity is not displayed based on the whole of Internet searches, but the activity of the site’s community. OneRiot prioritizes search results in order from emerging, surging or raging, depending on how many members of their community are currently visiting a site — like instant Nielsen ratings for your own demographic. So instead of finding out that countless amount of people all over the world are searching for nude photos of the Philly Phanatic, or that tons of people you don’t know are watching Two and A Half Men, you might get caught up on something that is actually relevant to your interests. How novel!