Omega Code

Posted on March 16, 2009 Under Art

While some bands are well connected enough in the music biz to get producers like the Neptunes or Rick Rubin to work on their debut album, Brazilian metal-industrial band Omega Code is more concerned with getting artists like Joshua Davis (pictured here) and Mike Cina. Convinced that a visual element must accompany a true music-listening experience, the group commissioned these guys, plus an enviable crew of other top guns (Si Scott, Motomichi and Dimitre Lima, who has gone on to lush pastures since we introduced him here) to design posters incorporating their logo that will be given out for free when the album launches "” which is also free. But that’s not all, folks. Accompanying this mega launch will be a book and DVD published by design mag icon IdN. They’ve opened the floodgates to fans too, encouraging illustrators and designers to submit their ideas for a chance to see their artwork alongside these graphic design gods. The newly extended deadline is March 31. Stay tuned to the band’s website for news on the posters and album release date.