Obama in Our House

Posted on February 27, 2009 Under Life

Between hosting foreign dignitaries, raising kids in the White House, and, oh yeah, trying to do something about the economy, our newly elected President doesn’t have much time to visit average Americans where they live. But that didn’t stop Jon and Olivia Lancaric, the creators of Obama in Our House, to take shots of the former Illinois senator at their home on election night. (Never you mind that he was made of cardboard — according to the couple, “that didn’t stop people from hugging him, dancing with him, clamoring to have their picture taken with him…in general, just loving the hell out of him.”) When you’re done looking at images of the Lancarics’ personal friends wrapping their scarves around the then President Elect, take a look at the site’s list of good causes, including World Vision and Feeding America. Go on, spread the Obamaness.