O2's Cocoon

Posted on June 21, 2007 Under Gadgetry

While us Yanks may not have the opportunity to appreciate O2’s Cocoon flip phone first hand, it’s worth noting for its superior design and intriguing features. O2 is a big player in the European mobile market, but recently wanted to introduce a distinctly styled handset of its own to energize their brand. So the story goes, O2 approached Amsterdam trendspotters Streative Branding and Swedish industrial designers Syntes Studio to collaborate on a design concept and narrative that transcended the ho-hum phone/music player market. Inspired by consumer feedback from Steative’s “Super Moles” (leading edge trendsetters), Syntes developed a beautiful piece of technology that feels infused with both beauty and utility. A chief example of how these two elements come together is in the “Nest” – a docking station and charger that automatically activates the clock radio feature and display on the phone’s LED screen when the Cocoon is placed within it. Finally, while some phones win on style, they fall flat on functionality – but seemingly not the Cocoon. It boasts a 500 song capacity MP3 player, FM radio, 2MP camera, and other impressive features… all wrapped up in one uber-sleek package.