Nutrition: The New Industrial Revolution?

Posted on January 23, 2007 Under Life

I encourage you to view this short film, produced by Christopher Bronsart and Daniel Migg, that re-conceptualizes environmental problems by analyzing the problem from a standpoint humans can grasp: by using the concept of nutrition. The film argues for a new type of industrial revolution based on the production of goods that figuratively feed the environment rather than deplete it (as we see with current extractive practices). The film denounces recycling as a viable solution to the problem of resource depletion, arguing that the inputs to recycling were never meant to be reused and that the chemicals and other process factors associated with recycling only exacerbate environmental problems. The final call to action is that you should strive to “design your products to be nutrition,” which I took to mean that we should be producing products that (without further processing) can be used again an a later cycle of production. The concept is simple in theory, but a little difficult to conceptualize in a real and practical sense– I thought it was a novel and thoughtful way to think about a huge and threatening issue.