Now Praying: the iRosary

Posted on May 17, 2007 Under Gadgetry

In today’s fast-paced world, young Catholics are finding it hard to slow down enough to say the rosary. The Catholic staple, wherein “we say fifteen decades or tens of Hail Mary’s with an Our Father between each ten, while at each of these fifteen decades we recall successively in pious meditation one of the mysteries of our Redemption” is apparently thought to be monotonous (no way!) by the young faithful. In order to address this pressing issue, a “critical concept design” has emerged in the shape of the iRosary, which attempts to make the rosary more attractive and flexible for younger believers. The iRosary converts the iPod’s white headphones into a hybrid prayer bead that can be shifted and then heard as an “audio bead” during prayers, which are themselves monitored via the iPod’s integrated calendar. As an added bonus, the iRosary accommodates for various degrees of piousness by allowing users to choose between three settings: “Infidel,” which recites the entire prayer for the listener to follow along to; “Believer,” which only displays the right prayer in the mode; and “Shepherd,” which allows the user to listen to music and hear the sound of the beads. Hmm, I’m getting a little overwhelmed by all the iEverythings these days- plus, according to the iRosary, I am an infidel. What do you think, readers? Too much, or totally brilliant?