Novecento: Miami

Posted on December 7, 2006 Under Food

After a long day of travel to Miami, Josh and I were famished when dinner time rolled around this evening. Lucky for us, Novecento is right across the street from our base camp, the Conrad Miami (We know, it’s not South Beach, more on that soon). Novecento has been alive and prospering in NYC (Soho) for nearly a decade, but it’s also thriving in Miami, as we quickly discovered tonight. In true Miami style, the DJ was going at it hard on the ones and twos when we showed up at 8 PM. We were seated outside on the patio, sufficiently far away from the DJ to be able to carry on a conversation without going hoarse. Our food was great– the cuisine can best be described as a ‘refined co-existence of Argentine, Mediterranean, and Pan-Latin cuisines, heightened by French techniques.’ I started with a nice arugula salad and finished with mighty tasty skirt steak accompanied with a beautiful glass of Malbec red– Josh’s Swordfish was equally tasty. I have to say– the combination of the atmosphere, good food, and reasonable prices made Novecento a great ‘first meal’ and welcome to Miami.