Not That Kind of Flasher

Posted on July 11, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Heather has had (count them) four Blackberries this past year because she can’t seem to keep them from jumping into the Jacuzzi with her. [for the record, only two have been destroyed by jacuzzis — Ed.] I can’t really blame the Blackberries for wanting a little soak — and a little of Heather’s company — but surely the gizmos should know better. Heather’s been lucky, though. Even if her phones haven’t survived, her sim card, along with the precious digits it stores, has amazingly remained intact.

If her Blackberry didn’t already have the ability to be backed up on her computer, and if she owned a compatible Sony, Nokia or Samsung phone, the USB Phone Book Flasher would keep her info just as safe. All she’d have to do is plug the little guy into her phone, and with the touch of a button she’d have backed up all of the information on her phone and her sim card. That way, her numbers will be safe even if something tragic happens to her current Blackberry (and I think we all know that its days are numbered). With the Phone Book Flasher, Heather could edit her phone book on her computer. And with a capacity of 10,000 records, even Heather should be able to keep in touch with all of her friends. Of course, if your cell phones tend to be short-lived, you should look into the Flasher too.

But no guarantees on getting into the Jacuzzi with Heather.