Norman and the Starmaker: Finally!

Posted on September 18, 2007 Under Fashion

When we did an interview with Sydney’s Saint Augustine Academy, we could only show you a tiny little bit of Norman and the Starmaker (i.e; Alvin and Adrian’s Fall collection). Well, it’s about that time (freaking finally) where you can check out the entire line-up at on St. Augustine’s newly stargaze-y site, but beware; the rocker-inspired clothing line has never been for the faint of heart — so if something like coattails makes you squeamish, you’d do better to stick to your local Nordstrom men’s department. On the other hand, if you’re the type who has to fight your girlfriend over who gets to wear the black skinny pants, then Saint Augustine’s Academy is for you, and you should head on over. Tobi already has a few of the newbies up for grabs — even though, sweet Jesus, they did lay an awful lot of black eyeliner on their male model — so if you’re hunting without wanting to throw down on shipping, go there first.