Nokia N95: Great Pockets Campaign

Posted on April 2, 2007 Under Life

Even though the N95 is already amply hyped across Europe, I have to direct our mostly unexposed U.S. readers to the Great Pockets site, an incredibly well done viral campaign for the Nokia’s newest “multimedia computer” by the Swedish agency Farfar. Great Pockets features Henry Needle, a distinguished tailor who will introduce you to his new line of “fashionable clothing with very large pockets” that help you maintain a bag-free lifestyle (while still accommodating your need for keeping fifteen electro-gadgets with you at all times). While I think the site does a near-perfect job of entertaining participants, I also felt that the buried mention of what the site was actually for was almost too ambiguous; I was left laughing, but not exactly desperate to get to the bottom of the situation. Take a look at it, because it is brilliant, but let us know your thoughts about guerrilla/viral advertising afterwards. Do you think it’s more effective than traditional advertising? Are you already feeling jaded on this trend, or does it have unlimited potential? And most importantly… any chance the N95 can stand up against the iPhone after their upcoming (and almost simultaneous) introductions in the U.S.?