Posted on August 23, 2007 Under Design

Andrew David Nick is a 27-year old Ohio resident who listens to a lot of Brand New. In his most recent Halo 2 game, he wound up with 9 kills, 1 assist, and 10 deaths. I don’t play Halo, so I have no idea if that makes him a badass or not, but the point is, Andrew David Nick has time to play video games and listen to a bunch of music — a feat not really that impressive on paper, but suddenly becomes interesting when you take a look at the the other ways he occupies his time. Here’s the deal: Andy’s a flash/web programmer guy, and he’s pretty freaking good at it. A good way to test this theory is to visit his site, a snazzy little page that probably took a bajillion hours to build. Then, you can check out the piles of other things he’s been doing (a list which also includes web concepts, motion graphics, and video production) for clients like Vtech and NCAA. I say, for a 27 year-old, that’s pretty nice, and we should probably watch him like a hawk for the next decade or so, just in case he keeps this thing up.