New Zeptonn @ blik

Posted on October 9, 2007 Under Design

We love Jan Willem Wennekes, aka Zeptonn. We love his silliness, his monsters, and his humorously fitting scholastic background in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy. We’re also pretty into his new designs for blik (a vinyl art company that, incidentally enough, we also love), two awesome wall decals that feature more of Zeptonn’s classically fun-hunting beasts. Also, some good news: last time we wrote about Zeptonn, we painfully reported the sold-out status of his art book, Stingermania, however, judging by the reappearance of said book in the pages (wallspace?) of blik, the situation has been pleasantly rectified. You can even nab the book for cheap(er) if you buy it along with some Critters or Tumblers, so go get ’em!