New Tonky

Posted on December 5, 2007 Under Design

All of us here are firm believers that decals aren't just for advertising soft drinks on stock cars, they can also be used as decadent decorations for your home or office. That's why back in July we informed you about the astonishing set of wall stickers by Tonky Designs, featuring engrossing images of everything from mundane objects to captivating creatures, as well as various other compelling designs. Well, nearly four months have passed and we're pleased to announce the return of Tonky to our good graces; not just to plug the same old designs, but to trumpet some new and absorbing adhesive art. Tonky's latest creations are based in barnyard and geared towards gadgets, respectively. Tonky’s Cow sticker and CamCorder (Exploded View) would be a welcome aesthetic addition to any personal space, whether in a frathouse or mansion.