Posted on October 31, 2007 Under Art

With all your monthly expenses, It’s kinda hard to be an avid collector of influential art. Well what if we told you that you could afford a DALEK? You’d probably say, “that’s crazy, his original works were selling for as much as $8K each at his last show.” And while we’re not talking about an original DALEK, we’re talking about a print, the folks at Ring Decoder have gone through a grueling 80 hour process using 26 screens to produce a series of 100 brilliantly vivid prints to ensure you feel almost as special. You’ve got to act fast though, only 80 of the works are available to the public and the cost runs on a sliding scale. “The first 50 orders will be $250. The next 15 will be $275 and the final 15 will be $300. One customer will be eligible for a free doodled test print which can be viewed at the end of the view process feature.” The only other way to get a Dalek might just involve spending your life savings.

Via Complex