Mulheres Barbadas: Waxed Men

Posted on June 4, 2008 Under Art

Last year we turned you on to Brazilian artist tag team Mulheres Barbadas (that’s “bearded women” in Portuguese, just to give you an idea of this duo’s type of humor), and almost a year after the post, they just mounted their exhibit in Sao Paulo called Waxed Men (hmm, I’m seeing theme here). The show features fresh works solely in pen, a feat they admit is more time consuming than using Photoshop, but a heck of a lot more enjoyable. One of the most labor-intensive pieces took them three days to finish, and it also took that long for them to paint the wall outside of the show space — their first ever, by the way. The works have no specific subject, but instead are about “chaos, mayhem and toast.” Though they are looking forward to painting more outside spaces, team member Julio Zukerman was reported to be suffering “drawing spasms in his sleep after [their] little drawing marathon,” so they’re resting easy for a while. The exhibit runs at Rojo Magazine’s Sao Paulo art space in Livraria Pop until June 28th. Check out their website to see the collaboration in action.